Perflex AcryFree

Perflex Acry Free is like no other acrylic on the market, it is  an innovative elastic acrylic thermoplastic high impact resistance for full and partial dentures by injection molding system.

  • 10 times more resistant against breakage than conventional acrylics, lightweight translucent and natural in appearance
  • Monomer FreeAcryFree, Perflex, Full Denture, Mid-Continental, Renew
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Can be used to produce much thinner dentures than conventional acrylic restorations due to the strength of Acry Free’s unique formulation
  • Acry Free can be repaired and relined with all acrylics hard/soft, cold/hot or by the same material itself by injection molding systems
  • Dentures made with Acry Free have excellent polish and luster properties to prevent calculus and bacteria accumulationAcryFree, Perflex, Implant Denture light pink, Mid-Continental, Renew

Patients love dentures made from Acry Free

  • Patients who are sensitive to monomer composition used in conventional acrylic dentures can now choose Acry Free for their dentures
  • Suitable for implant retained over-dentures, Acry Free can be used in combination with porcelain artificial teeth for a complete non-allergenic denture or appliance
  • AcryFree, Perflex, Partial Denture light pink, Mid-Continental, RenewNo more bulky heavy dentures! Acry Free is the new aesthetic and perfect solution for total and partial dentures of today’s dentistry
  • Compatible with Renew Denture Cleaner and Justi Teeth

Acry Free Instructional Video

Relining Acry Free Denture with Soft Liners

Relining and Repairing an Acry Free Denture

How to close a Cartridge while using Acry Free


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