Justi and Major Tooth Consignments

Get a No-Strings attached Tooth Consignment Today!

As a practice building partner, Mid-Continental Dental wants to make it easy and cost effective for dental professionals to manage their tooth inventory.  Mid-Continental’s no-strings attached Tooth Consignment means that you can get an inventory to run your practice with no money down, reduce shipping turnaround time and costs and improve customer service. You can also return the consignment at any time at no cost and are never obligated to purchase the consignment.

The consignment has no strings attached:*

• You don’t pay anything to receive the consignment. • You never have to purchase the consignment. • You can return it at no cost at anytime. • Applies to any Justi line we carry. • Even includes a tooth cabinet.

We also now include a free clinic website when you have a tooth consignment with Mid-Continental!

All Justi and Major tooth lines can be professionally cleaned using Renew Denture Cleaner

*Subject to approval from Mid-Continental Dental Supply and the signing of a consignment contract that specifies the full terms and conditions.

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Tooth Line
                                Mold Chart
Justi ImperialJusti Imperial Mold Chart
Justi Imperial ViVOJusti Imperial ViVO Mold Chart
Justi BlendJusti Blend Mold Chart
Major Plus CompMajor Plus Comp Mold Chart
ViFormViForm Mold Chart

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