Super Vipi STG Microflask

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Justi is proud to introduce the industrial-strength, Super Vipi STG Microflask
to be used in the microwave irradiation technique for curing acrylic resins in the
fabrication of dental prosthesis. This revolutionary microwave flask is constructed
in two sections with 4 stainless steel bolts, sleeves and threads for tightening.


• Uniform curing of acrylic resins
• Rapid curing time (13 minutes)
• Complete curing of acrylic resin with no significant free monomer residual
• Clean removal method without damage to the flask
• Reduced energy costs

071-67-0004 Justi Super Vipi STG Microflask
071-67-0006 STG System Instructional Video
071-67-0007 2 Replacement Bolts
071-67-0008 Allen Wrench for VP STG System
071-67-0009 Button Replacement Part – Vipi STG