Justi Repair Material

A universal type repair material,  repairing all types of acrylic dentures, denture repair material, denture repairA universal type repair material, applicable for repairing all types of acrylic dentures,
temporary prosthesis and indirect reline. This self-curing methyl-methacrylate
material is cross-linked and internally pigmented to give a dense, even texture.
Justi Repair Material is available in 3 shades of powder: Regular Pink, Regular
Fibered Pink and Clear.


Justi Repair Material Kit (20 units) 1 lb. powder and 8 oz. liquid
072-06-0001 Regular pink
072-06-0004 Regular fibered pink
072-06-0006 Clear
Refills – 1 lb. powder
072-06-0002 Regular pink
072-06-0005 Regular fibered pink
072-06-0007 Clear
Refills – 7 lb. bulk powder
072-06-0014 Regular pink
072-06-0016 Regular fibered pink
072-06-0017 Clear
Refills – 25 lb. bulk powder
072-06-0010 Regular fibered pink
072-06-0011 Regular pink
072-06-0012 Clear
Refills – Liquid
072-06-0003 Liquid 8 oz.
072-06-0015 Liquid 1 qt.
072-06-0013 Liquid 1 gal.
Shade Guide 078-06-0100