Justi Pakto System “The Ceramist’s Friend”

Justi-Pakto® is a new crown and bridge resin material system designed to save time and labor while offering maximum physical properties to simulate the hardness of natural dentition. Justi-Pakto is not a methyl methacrylate, a composite or a porcelain. It is 100% poly glycol dimethacrylate resin and is processed in a dry heat pressurized chamber. The areas of application are for crown and bridge veneers, facings on partial dentures and attachment frames, inlays of all types, Maryland-type bridges and temporary crowns and bridges. Justi-Pakto can be used with any ADA recommended metal with no color change or fractures. The opaque has superior masking qualities and chemically bonds to the tooth shaded resin material. Color verification can be done before the resin is cured since the shade is identical when cured. Justi-Pakto is shaded to match the Vita-LuminShade System. The same tools used to process porcelain can be used for Justi-Pakto. The Justi-Pakto Curing System utilizes 2 pieces of equipment:
1. A 4 quart, dry heat pressurized pot.
2. A Justi Electric Burner.


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Group/Item # 070-28-0001
16 – 1 oz. Bottles Justi Pakto Powder in Vita® Shades: A1, A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3 Body Shades, Transparent Overlay and 2 Bottles Incisal
8 – 1/4 oz. Bottles Justi Pakto Modifying Stains: white, brown, yellow, gray, blue, pink,
orange and dark orange
2 – 1/4 oz. Bottles Justi Opaquer Powder (preshaded)
2 – 1 oz. Bottles of Justi Pakto Liquid, 1 – 1/4 oz. Retention Beads, 1 – 1/4 oz. Bead Adhesive
2 – Dappen Dishes, 1 – Glass Pipette, 1 – Plastic Scoop, 1 – Instruction Manual.
(Dappen dishes, eye dropper and plastic scoop are not available for re-order)
Group/Item # Description
070-28-0002/SHADE 1 oz. Pakto Powders – All Shades (Includes Body Shades, Incisal or Transparent)
070-28-0003/SHADE 4 oz. Pakto Powders – All Shades (Includes Body Shades, Incisal or Transparent)
070-28-0004/SHADE 1/4 oz. Pakto Modifying Stains – All Shades
070-28-0005 1/4 oz. Pakto Opaquer – Preshaded
Group/Item # Description
070-28-0020 CONTENTS: 1 – Pressure Pot – 4 quarts, 1 – Electric Burner,
1 – Curing Vessel, 2 – Security Spring Clips,
1 – Air Supply Hose (3 month warranty on system)
Group/Item # Description
072-28-0021 Curing Vessel Pot
072-28-0022 Security Spring Clip
072-28-0023 Air Supply Hose
072-28-0024R Justi Electric Burner (Pictured above)
T1325-00 Electric Heater w/Thermostat – 220 Volts – for Europe and export (not pictured)
072-28-0026 Gasket for Pakto Pot
072-28-0027 Replacement Handle for Pakto Pot – Top
072-28-0027/B Replacement Handle for Pakto Pot – Bottom
072-28-0031 Voltage Converter for Electric Burner
070-28-0032 Justi Pakto Shade Guide – 13 shades, double-sided blue frame
Vita-Lumin is not a registered trademark of American Tooth Industries.



Group/Item # Description
Item # 070-28-0006 1 oz. Pakto Liquid
Item # 070-28-0007 4 oz. Pakto Liquid
Item # 070-28-0008 1/4 oz. Retention Beads
Item # 070-28-0009 1/4 oz. Bead Adhesive
Item # 070-29-0001 1 oz. Justi Pakto Pure Alloy
Item # 070-29-0002 3 oz. Justi Pakto Pure Alloy
Item # 070-29-0001K 1 Kilo Justi Pakto Pure Alloy
Item # 077-66-0003 Pakto Technique video