Justi Miracleflask

A Complete System for Curing Dentures and Partials
The Justi Miracleflask is the most revolutionary curing system for dentures, partials
and relines. It is made of a fiber reinforced plastic material that is especially
designed for use in a micro-wave oven. Compared with the conventional heat
process method, the microwave method using the Justi Miracleflask gives more
complete curing of the resin. There are many advantages to using the Justi
Miracleflask. It is energy efficient, saves time, increases acrylic strength, less residual
monomer, less distortion, two to three times more accurate fit and more uniform

067-44-0001 Justi Miracleflask Complete Kit
Contains: 2 Miracleflasks, 6 nuts and bolts, 1 wooden hammer, 1 wrench,
1 lb. Denture Base Powder (*specify shade) and 8 oz. liquid
067-44-0002 Justi Miracleflask Intro Kit
Contains: one flask, one set of nuts & bolts, one tooth wrench (6 month warranty on flask)
067-44-0010 Replacement Nuts and Bolts (3 sets)
067-44-0013 Miracleflask Top Section
067-44-0014 Miracleflask Middle Section
067-44-0015 Miracleflask Bottom Section
067-44-0016 Miracleflask Pressure Plate
067-44-0027 Tooth Wrench
067-44-0031 Justi Miracleflask Wooden Hammer
067-45-0002 Microwave Oven (3 mo. warranty)
077-66-0001 Miracleflask Technique video cassette
*If shade is not indicated