Justi Imperial Teen and Young Adult Shades

Justi Imperial has come up with a few new shades that will make you feel and look like a teen again. Our bleach shades are made for a whiter and brighter looking restoration. Now your patients can look and feel younger just like they desire. Also, technicians can make a partial that matches bleached natural dentition with ease.  All Justi tooth lines can be professionally cleaned using Renew Denture Cleaner.

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Group/Item# Description

083-50-0102 – TS Imperial Teen & Young Adult Shades Anterior 1×6
083-50-0202 – TS Imperial Teen & Young Adult Shades Posterior 1×8
084-50-0301 – TS Imperial Teen & Young Adult Shades 1×28
084-51-0425 – TS Imperial Teen & Young Adult Shades 4 Tab Shade Guide

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