Renew Denture Cleaner


  • Professional strength performance and legendary product quality
  • Guaranteed to remove: Tobacco, Plaque, Coffee, Iron, Calcium, Calculus, Tea, Tartar and Bacteria – Money Back Guarantee
  • Carried in the offices of dental professionals in Canada and around the world
  • Proven in the marketplace for more than 29 years
  • Manufactured by Mid-Continental in Canada meaning superior quality and consistent supply
  • Preferred over Efferdent, Polident, Nu-Dent, Val-Clean, ProTech, Stain Away, Denture Brite, Sparkle Dent, CleanDent
  • Compatible with all the acrylic and silicone dental materials you use in your clinic like Justi TeethAmerican Tooth lab products, Molloplast-B, Lucitone 199 and many more
  • Is also safe on mouth guards, sport guards, thermal based oral appliances, Invisalign, Valplast and any other acrylic oral appliance

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  • Denture wearers consistently report a higher level of patient satisfaction because of their improved oral heath by using Renew
  • Patients feel confident they’re receiving value with their Renew purchase
  • Because they have more contact with their Dental Professional, patients oral health is improved


  • Automatic recall system: Grows your practice by maintaining frequent contact with your patients when the return to resupply
  • Opportunities are created for patient appointments for follow-up work and replenishment of Renew
  • Mid-Continental Dental Supply supports your “automatic recall system”, by providing you with 50 free patient samples in every case!
  • Renew is only available through dental professionals and not in retail stores making it a unique tool for your clinic
  • As your practice building partner, we can provide you with personalized practice labels, to place on the Renew bottles at a nominal cost
  • Renew is registered with Health Canada and carries the CE Mark so you can recommend Renew to your patients with confidence
  • See here for instructions for using Renew in many languages