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Mid-Continental Dental Supply Co. Ltd. is dedicated to providing products of  outstanding quality and value.  For over 25 years we’ve provided denture wearers  with access to professional strength Renew denture cleaner.  Renew is  particularly recommended for dentures with Molloplast B soft liner.  We are also  the authorized Justi and Major Plus Comp dealer in Canada as well as an authorized Detax dealer.   All of our products, including Renew, are available through your local dental  professional.

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[jcolumns]Justi Blend Mold Chart, Justi Blend Mould Chart, justi blend teeth chart, justi blend molds, justi blend moulds,bioblend mould chart,,bioblend mold chart, justi blend anterior chart, justi blend posterior chart

Justi Blend Order Form [jcol/]  Major Plus Comp Mold Chart, Major Plus Comp Mould Chart, Major Plus Comp teeth chart, Major Plus Comp molds, Major Plus Comp moulds,composite teeth mould chart,composite teeth mold chart, Major Plus Comp anterior chart, Major Plus Comp posterior chart

Major Plus Order Form[/jcolumns]


[jcolumns] Justi vivo, justi imperial vivo, imperial vivo

Imperial Vivo Order Form[jcol/]  Justi Imperial Mold Chart, Justi Imperial Mould Chart, Justi Imperial teeth chart, Justi Imperial molds, Justi Imperial moulds,acrylic teeth mould chart,acrylic teeth mold chart, Justi Imperial anterior chart, Justi Imperial posterior chart

Justi-Imperial Order Form



[jcolumns]Justi ViForm Mold Chart, Justi ViForm Mould Chart, Justi ViForm teeth chart, Justi ViForm molds, Justi ViForm moulds,acrylic teeth mould chart,acrylic teeth mold chart, Justi ViForm anterior chart, Justi ViForm posterior chart

ViFORM Order Form [jcol/] Dymon-Hue Mold Chart, Dymon-Hue Mould Chart, Dymon-Hue teeth chart, Dymon-Hue molds, Dymon-Hue moulds,acrylic teeth mould chart,acrylic teeth mold chart, Dymon-Hue anterior chart, Dymon-Hue posterior chart

Dymon-HUE-HPT Order Form  [/jcolumns]


Justi-Lingualized-Occlusion-Combos Order Form